Antelope Canyon


Lower Antelope Canyon was a spur of the moment excursion. We were already in Arizona checking out a few places like the Grand Canyon and Tom's Instagram searches let us to this place.

Usually guided tours aren't our thing, but because it is on Navajo land, it is the only way you can go see it. So that is what we did. We found a tour, booked it and showed up.

The process was pretty simple. Once we arrived the tour began momentarily. A Navajo girl who lives in Page took us on the tour. I cannot for the life of me remember her name, but we will call her Julia for now. 

Julia walked us down into in the desert which wasn't far from where we parked. It was then when we arrived at a set of stairs that takes you down into the canyon. It was shaky, but it was relatively easy. 

That is when the magic begins. Julia will tell you about how this canyon was created - water, wind. She'll tell you about the warning of flash floods and how real they are. But you will be too captivated by the sheer beauty of the canyon to truly listen. 

When I saw pictures of the canyon, I thought it was really pretty - but nothing compares to being there. It is as if you are in a real life photo, and every view and turn you take is extraordinary. 

The journey through the canyon takes less than an hour, and is quite slow due to the obvious stops for picture taking - but as much as being in a slow moving line with a bunch of people can always be frustrating - the views are worth it.

At the end, you will come to an opening where, if it is the right time, light will shine through just right so that you can get a sun stream picture. It does take a bit of reflection due to throwing of sand - but as you can see in our pictures - it's stunning.

Our take - make the stop.