Arctic Circle


While we wouldn’t categorize the Arctic Circle Center (Polarsirkelsenteret) as a destination, it was our first time crossing that line, and felt we needed to give the moment its own note.

If you are heading towards the Nord Norge (on E6), we recommend taking a quick stop. We were northbound on our way to the Mosjoen for a quick nights rest before Lofoten when we hit the mark. The day we crossed it was pretty dreary, cold and windy - but it made for a more than proper theatric for the visit. It felt like a true tundra. 

We also spotted a two moose on the way. Interesting note: We have never seen a moose in the wild, even though we frequent high traffic moose areas in the north eastern US.

The center was closed when we arrived, but it didn’t stop us from taking a walk around on the trail to mark the moment. But that is all it was – a few pictures to mark the moment. Other than a monument or two and a mass of cairns - there isn't much else.