British Columbia


We have been to British Columbia twice thus far - both times we stay in Squamish and ski at Whistler. This adventure will take you through some of our explorations in Squamish, as well as on Whistler.

Squamish is known as the Outdoor Capital of Canada and thus, it has a lot to explore. We are there in the winter, so we haven't been able to take full advantage of the landscape, but seeing it is another story.

One place we always stop by is the Eagle Run Park. It has a large population of Bald Eagle who visit to eat salmon in the area. As an American who has never seen a bald eagle in the wild, ever - it was interesting to see such a large mass of them at one time. In fact, I could see at least 10 at a time which I thought was a bit crazy.

There is also a lot of places to stop and see - Shannon Falls,  the Howe Sound- all beautiful. It's worth it to stay here if you are going to ski in Whistler.

At Whistler, I love the Alpine, but Tom he tends to go where no one wants to go. One day, he trekked up to the Blackcomb glacier to not only catch a glimpse of the view, but also get an epic ski in. This is now his favorite spot on the mountain, and he has been known to pressure others to join him, too.