Coral Sand Dunes State Park

One of our favorite things to do is detour. And our detour to Coral Sand Dunes was certainly worth it. We were on our way back to Zion when we saw a sign for Coral Sand Dunes, so we took the exit. When you first get on the road, it will be about 8 miles to the dunes themselves. You’ll want to pull over as you start seeing signs of the sand, and you can, but once you hit the T in the road, make a left and the biggest sights will be there. You can either stop at the first pull off which will give you a magnificent view, or you can stay on the road until the gate, pay, and get an even better one. The difference? The latter is bit more dramatic, however, it is a big spot for dirt bikes - so you may have to deal with a few of those there. Side note, the sand is wild! It is extremely fine to the touch and if you drag your fingers through it, you will see it take on a life of its own.