When you drive into Geiranger and see the fjord for the first time, it will be hard to comprehend that it is real. As you driver further in, you will be more and more overwhelmed by the walls of rock, the waterfalls, the sheer size of the fjord you are about to go into.

Our stay in Gieranger was just a stop on our way up to Lofoten, but we made it a point to spend more than a day here so that we could take in everything it has to offer. 

We knew that thanks to frequent cruise ships, it is a very popular place to be - but nonetheless, we wanted to check it out. 

During this trip we stayed at the Grand Fjord Hotel. We recommend it. It was nice, it was away from the bigger population of people, and the view as great.

Our trip brought us on many little adventures. Whether it was shopping and eating in their small downtown area, or a few other wilder adventures.

We did two hikes while we were there. The first was the Hemlong trail and the second was the Vesterassaetra. The first took us along the left side of the fjord, starting in a little town, and making our way along the walls of the fjord over to the Skagefla farm. It was pouring rain that day with breaks of sun, but still a beautiful hike.

The second was higher up in the mountains, following a hard, rushing waterfall. This was a short hike, but well worth the waterfall and river views. This hike also led us to stumble upon a fantastic little farm restaurant with amazing soup, food and spirits. It's called Westerns Grad Farm. A must if you are there. We grabbed a light lunch and just relaxed in the quiet - taking in the steep view.

We also took advantage of the "tourist" element, and signed up for a kayak excursion. This was by far one of our favorites. Our guide, an American who spends his summers here, took us around the fjord and to the Seven Sisters waterfall. We took our time, and enjoyed all of the sights and quiet sounds of the rock and water. Funny enough, we still keep in touch with our guide, Adam, today.

Overall, if you are looking for the fjord experience, Geiranger is a safe bet. It's stunning, there is a lot to do. We weren't a huge fan of the crowds, but you can certainly distance yourself from the hustle and bustle based on where you stay, and what you do.