Grand Canyon


This trip to the Grand Canyon was Tomasz's first, but not mine. I had been there with my mother a few years before - so I made sure we took the stop while we were in Arizona  (seeing Sedona & Antelope Canyon) as I can clearly recall my feeling of "awe" the moment I saw the canyon. I wanted Tom to feel it too.

We drove there from Page, specifically to the South Rim. I knew my way around from being there before, so I suggested we hit the Bright Angel Trail. The area around the trail is really crowded, but I remember liking the trail.

So we made it and hopped on the trail. If you have read through our journeys, you know I have a fear of heights. To clarify, it is only some heights - mostly when I am near a sheer cliff. While the trail is populated and little kids run down it with ease- it was safe to say it isn't my favorite - but for the sake of this trip - I sucked it up.

We didn't get there as early as we liked, so we knew we wouldn't be able to make it down to the river in time to make it back up - so our goal was to make it to Indian Garden. 

If you aren't afraid of heights, the trail is easy. There are pit stops along the way with restrooms, some with water - but I urge anyone making the trek to bring enough water. It was early Spring when we went, but I had been there in the summer, and it gets extremely hot.

The Indian Garden was beautiful. I had remembered seeing it from the canyon ledge, but once in it, it felt like an oasis. Water flowing through, bright green trees contrasting against the red walls. We tried to make it a little further, but we just didn't feel right about the time we had left - and didn't want to make it back up in the dark.

So we made our way up it far less time than we thought (of course we kicked ourselves for not hitting the water), but until next time.

All in all, The Grand Canyon is a beauty. It is worth a trip and it is worth a hike - but if you are not a fan of crowds - a day will do you just fine.