bald rocks

Getting there

GPS Coordinates: 41.23043 N, 74.14005 W

Getting to Bald Rocks is fairly easy. Once you enter the coordinates, you'll see the the parking area. There is not a lot of parking, but if you come early in the day - you'll have better luck. We arrived around 12pm on one of first nice days of Spring and we were able to get the last spot. 

Once you park, you'll see the RED/WHITE blaze which will take you to the right. The trail is pretty hard to find at first, but just head right and if you step over a small river, you are in the right place. Next you'll see a white sign. Follow that to the trail.

the trail

You can do a figure-eight which is about six miles, but today we chose to take a shorter route which was about 3.8 miles. You can see the full circle to the left, but blaze path is as follows:

RED/WHITE (Ramapo-Dunderbert Trail, H29) > YELLOW (Dunning Trail, H12) > WHITE (Nurian Trail, H41 & H21) > RED/WHITE (RampaoRamapo-Dunderbert Trail, H29)

Short and sweet, the trail itself was one of our favorites. The terrain is rocky and a bit technical from time to time, but most of the trail is fairly steady, with a few areas of elevation gain - mostly in the beginning on the RED/WHITE and towards the end on the WHITE trail.

You will also pass through every-changing terrain. The RED/WHITE has mostly bald rocks and deep forest, the YELLOW has tight pass-throughs and a lot of brush, and the WHITE is the most weather-torn, with tons of downed trees along the path. There was also a little hut along the way (on RED/WHITE) called "Bald Rocks Hut". Nothing big to see here, but still worth a pass-by.

It took us about 2 1/2 hours to complete, but we were taking our time - stopping once to eat, a few times to de and re -layer, and a few more times for the dog.  Speaking of de and re-layering, we recommend you layer on this hike. On the bald rocks it is fairly windy and chilly, which immediately changes when you enter the forest. We also recommend going during a dry time. We went right after a few days of rainfall and the river run and mud was pretty consistent. I wouldn't say this is a complete detterant, but just a consideration - especially with a dog.

Check out the below for some pics from the day: