Kings Canyon National Park


Out of all the places we visited, Kings Canyon was my biggest surprise. We originally were going to drop by Kings Canyon to cross it off the list since it was so close to Sequoia and Yosemite. But just a bit of time there allowed us to unearth the beauty of this canyon.

Once you arrive, the drive into the canyon alone is a work of art. The rock is so diverse, and when layered together, appears to be a feat of geology. Once you go further, you can the most amazing hidden places. Out gem came in the form of a swimming hole.

We short walk off the site of the road will lead you to Roaring River Falls. You'll follow a flowing river that will lead you right to the source. The waterfall itself was beautiful, but the water - was glowing. A thunderstorm was rolling in as we happen upon this place, but Tom was determine to take a swim - and so he did. We spent some time just relaxing and enjoying the seclusion. Our next stop was back to San Fran to board a flight - so we were trying to milk every last second.

Note to all, if you are in the area, don't skip this. It may not have a flashy name, but it is worth the trip!