Reeves Brook Hike in Harriman state park

Getting there

GPS Coordinates: 41. 174520, -74. 168440

Use the above coordinates to get you to the trailhead which is at the Reeves Brook Visitor Center. You'll likely have to park on the street as it is one of the busiest parts of the park. 


The Trail

Start on the main trail, and a few hundred feet after you walk in, turn right and take the WHITE trail.  This part of the trail goes deep into the woods where there are scattered rocks and small waterfalls and streams. The landscape doesn't change very much along the trail. After some time you will reach the BLUE trail. Once you are about to go on the trail, you will see an extremely steep wall of rock in front of you - that is where you will be going. The route up the rock face is steep, but there is a "bail out" spot just to your right. Overall - the main route is doable, but if you are in slippery conditions or just don't feel confident, just take the easier route. 

Once you reach the top you will be rewarded with the view. Take some time and enjoy! From here you can follow the BLUE trail to make a loop back or do what we did and take a left onto the power lines (it will be a big open grassy plain with a dirt path). This will save you about a mile, and if you are short on time like us, it will help. If you do take our route, you'll want to pass by the first trail, but take a left on the second trail you reach. It is at the depth of the valley and closest to the river. From here you will simply keep walking on the BLUE trail until you reach the parking lot.

Take a look at a few pics & videos from the day below.