I will start by saying Sedona is one of my favorite places. It's not necessarily for the hikes - but it is because of the spirituality. Because of that, we made it a point to stop here on our way to Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Zion from Phoenix. 

The last time I went to Sedona, it was to a spa with my mother - staying on the grounds of the most powerful vortex. I laughed at the concept, but then when I went to experience the vortex for myself, I was amazed.

We didn't get to a vortex when I was with Tom, but I feel like the spirituality of Sedona is felt anywhere you go. 

I must mention our first stop because it will still live as on our favorite restaurants. Verde Brewing. We found it on Yelp, made our way there, and literally almost left because we couldn't find the door. Once we went in, we were so glad we did. If you are looking for a good burger, a good beer, and a good time - please don't pass this by.

The rest of our journey took us through the Sedona area looking for a place a quick hike. We found one in the Cathedral Rock Trail. It's short and sweet - but as we were just passing through - it was perfect.

We took our time and explored the immediate area - relishing the sheer height of the "monuments" and the beautiful coloring. 

If you have more time in Sedona than we did, we would recommend going deeper in to the rock, and finding a vortex for yourself.