Hiking Cascade Canyon in Teton National Park


If you read our earlier post about Amphitheater, you’ll know that we found out about this hike via a ranger who thought it was much more manageable than the first. So we took the advice, and after an exhausting hike two days before, we headed towards Cascade Canyon. To get there, you use the Jenny Lake parking area.

Casecade Canyon.jpg

Once we arrived we had the option of taking a 2.4 mile hike around the lake to get to the Canyon, which is normally fine, but we had to leave early to head back to SLC. In this case we decided to take a boat ride across the lake. This is so not in our nature, but it was REALLY nice. 

Once we arrived, we took the trail to Inspiration Point (short, we know, but our time dwindling). Even if you can’t get the full canyon experience, this is a very laid back way to take in some of the sights. We’ve heard it’s a popular route, but since it was slightly raining, we only saw overnight hikers coming home and 4 people heading up near us. If you do opt for the canyon, enjoy and let us know how it was! We heard you can get all the way to Idaho from that route.

The hike to Inspiration Point was in deep, beautiful woods  that opened up to canyon walls and snowy peaks in the distance. There bright, colorful bushes all around – so it made for a stunning trip. Inspiration point itself was a little blah - but walking through the canyon was an amazing trip nonetheless. 

At the end, we took the same route down as Hidden falls is closed (an extra .3 to see it). We jumped on the boat and enjoyed our last moments amongst the peaks.