Diamond Mountain Hike in Harriman

It has been so long since we have gone on a hike - thanks to long days at work and weekends full of celebrations, so we couldn't wait to head to Harriman on our first Saturday free in ages. Today was pretty chilly, around 40, so we bundled up and made our way. We had no idea in mind of what we wanted to hike, we were just excited to be in hiking gear and with the pup.

As we made it in the park, we picked Diamond Mountain. We were fairly sure we may have done something on this route before, but it was a decent 4.8 miles, and we were just too eager to care.



The route starts at the book shop (41.173938, -74.168530) and goes from there. Overall, you'll follow red/white until the end, then loop to blue, then yellow, then back to red/white. We were right, there were a few places we have been on before, but some we haven't. Even then, we did the reverse loop, so we got to appreciate a different side of the view.

If you're looking for some great views, some rocky paths, but an overall easy hike - this is a good one. But if you are there in the summer, get there early. That area of the park gets packed so quickly. We were there in late NOV on a cold day, so it was fairly quiet - and we didn't take it for granted. It also just started to sleet - no snow unfortunately. But that will come soon.

Next week we head to Vermont for a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving. We. Can't. Wait. In the meantime, check out a few pics from the day.