Cabin Getaway in Vermont

If there is one place that Tom and I call a second home, it's Vermont. Ever since I was a little girl, my parents always rented a home in Vermont, and every Friday I would leave school, get in the car and head up. It is one of my fondest memories. To this day, every time we drive into my old town, I have an instant feeling of happiness. 

So it is no surprise that Tom and I frequent the town on Londonderry whenever we can. Don't get us wrong, the Adirondacks are our playground - it's just that southern Vermont - it has a charm beyond measure.

On this weekend, we were just exhausted from a months worth of weddings, traveling, and work and we knew it was time to disconnect. We hit up our friend Ben who owns Bent Apple Farm (which has 3 AirBnB rental properties on it - a MUST stay) and rented the tiniest of them all - the Run-In Shed. We have stayed on this property on multiple occasions - but this little non-WIFI or TV cabin is just what you need sometimes. Every night we open a bottle of wine/scotch, crank the music and just laugh and relax. Heaven. Did we mention Ben is the best?

But during the day, we take advantage of every moment. On this trip - it was a little less adventure and a little more serenity. We spent the first day off-roading and of course got at least one touring trip in up Stratton. Normally we'd pick a more secluded area to skin, but alas, there was no real snow. The next day it was time for Burlington. Sure it's a drive, but a drive through Vermont is never a complaint. Oh and also, there is a Fjallraven :) We ended the trip at our favorite spot - The Perfect Wife (specifically The Other Woman Tavern). Of all of the places we will ever go, this is our happy place.

If you're ever looking to take a trip to southern Vermont - sent us a note. We'll let you know where to go! For now - enjoy some pics!