Hiking to Chikahoki Falls

With moving weekend over, we were looking forward to exploring our new town - especially since there are countless hiking trails right at our backdoor.

Today it was hot, and we decided to find our way to a hiking trail that lead to a waterfall. About 5min later, we arrived at the trailhead at Norvin Green State Park (not bad, eh?), and started on the hike. It's not clear how to get to Chikahoki falls directly, as most hike guides show it being along other destination routes, but we were able to pin point it thanks to the map I featured below.

It was a short, easy and quiet hike - and Chikahoki Falls was quite beautiful. It wasn't a swimming hole that Tom and I would easily dive into, but Bear didn't mind. A tennis ball and a stick was all the convincing he needed to jump right in. 

We stayed just as long as Bear was willing to fetch, and make our way back to finish some unpacking. Absolutely worth the hike for a pup cool off!