Swimming at PeekaMoose

Our journey to PeekaMoose in the Catskills came out of a free day, and a desire to learn more about the Catskills area. It isn't far, but we seem to never head up in the area, and we wanted that to change. 

With the dog in hand, we wanted to find a swimming hole where he could cool off and enjoy the day. He was still exhausted from the day before, so a big hike was not in his stars.

Heading into the area we saw a ton of cars, and we knew it was going to be one of "those" super crowded places. We were a bit turned off, but we figured it would be best to commit - especially since we had 0 service.

We weren't too disappointed. It was crowded, but we did get a little corner of the swimming hole to ourselves and were able to play a little fetch with the pup and wade around. It was freezing, so we didn't go all the way in, but instead just took some time to relax on the shore line. 

If you go, recommend going there super early or super late. Especially if you want some peace and quiet. 

From there, we took a few beautiful backroads to an Woodstock, NY. We surprisingly have never been there before and it was everything we heard of and more. If you have time, check it out. It is unique and charming all at once. We went to Tinker Taco Lab and grabbed some tacos and a margarita in this off the beaten path outdoor area that was adorable to say the least. 

If you have a free day and want to hike (or not) - check out the area. We will certainly be back up that way again!