Lakeside Camping at Lake Lewey

Memorial Day weekend as our first time at Lake Lewey, and we loved it so much - we went back. This time, it was on the eve of a family trip and we snagged a last minute spot on the lake (lucky us). 

Our arrival was just prior to sunset, and we were lucky we were able to capture it. It was beautiful. We never seem to get disappointed by Adirondack sunsets or evening weather. The sky always seem to clear just enough to catch a vivid sunset, and the night air is just chilly enough to huddle around the fire for warmth.

That night we threw a few hot dogs on the fire and indulged in baked beans - something we would rarely eat at home. Add a few vodka sodas and we were set. Those let us sleep long enough to capture the fog lifting off of the lake. But we didn't get to stay long enough to capture the complete fog lift as we were packed and off to hike Snowy Mountain.