Biking from Speculator to Wells and Back

When Tom asked me to go on a bike ride, I thought sure - That’d be nice. A few miles through the backroads around Lake Pleasant should be fun. However, that is not what happened. Our route was carefully calculated, but unforeseen by me - but was worth it.

We started by Lake Pleasant, taking the road to Gillmantown which is essentially a mixed road (dirt and pavement). It will eventually spit you out onto Route 30 in Wells and is mostly flat or downhill. This was pretty nice and in between the deep woods, you’ll hit a beautiful river towards the end. 

Once we got to Wells, we stopped for a beer knowing that we had a pretty significant trek on the way back. Our route would take us straight down Route 30 into speculator. This is essentially a highway, but the shoulder is appropriate for bikes - so don’t get alarmed if you try this out.

The first few miles back to Spec were manageable. Mixed uphill and downhill - but pretty rolling. Once you reached a bike pull off, that is where it gets tricky. From there the uphills are long and tough and the downhills are hard to come by. It is definitely a challenge, and you will have to work hard to your destination. 

There were a few times where I was struggling in complete low gear feeling as if I was going absolutely no where - but we kept chugging along. Passed Auger Falls, and in the parking lot of Christine Falls (about 2.5 miles away) we took a break for some water and energy, then continued on. It didn’t take us too long until we finally reached the Speculator Sign (infamous and completely welcome) which let me know it wasn’t too far until our destination. Then about .5 later - we made it. A few more short hills to get us into where we parked our bikes and we were done. A tough one - but worth it!