Kayaking Mason Lake in the Adirondacks

Our trip to Mason Lake was a little bit of a Plan B (or C). Originally, we had planned to go to Indian Lake to kayak to a pretty cool cliff jumping spot with a few family members we were staying with - but when schedules didn’t align, Tom and I jumped in the runner and offloaded to Whitney lake.

Note - this lake does exist, but contrary to Google Maps, does not have a road going to it. If you take the “road” there, it essentially ends at Pillsbury Mountain trailhead, with a few huge boulders in the way of the road. You can hike there, but carrying two kayaks the whole way was not necessarily ideal.

So we turned around and headed to a lake we pass by all of the time when on the backroads of Perkins Clearing, Mason Lake.

There are a few spots you can offload kayak’s at, but not many have parking available, so we went straight to the boat launch. This may seem like it would be hectic - but there was 1 car and it was extremely easy. The boat launch itself is just a cut through in the grass - but that is all we needed.

Post-launch, we casually made our way up the lake and towards the swampy inlet. We are in a constant search for Moose, so we always venture to areas we think are “moose territory”. No moose to be found, but we were able to see some stellar flowers, Lilly pads, and an jellyfish like algae. 

We made our way back to the proper lake, and pulled over to the site under some shade because of the beating sun. A few minutes, a beer and an amazing view was all we needed to get our fix - then we were out.