Snowy Mountain Hike in the Adirondacks

Our trek to Snowy Mountain came out of an impromptu night camping at Lewey Lake and with its proximity being so ideal - we figured we’d make the climb. Failing to cook our breakfast burritos over the fire that morning, we shoved some random food items from our cooler down our throats before starting the hike. 

Parking is hard to come by, even when getting there early. We got there around 9/10 and it was already getting pretty packed. We were just able to find a suitable spot for the Runner & the camping trailer around that time.

The mileage on Snowy is about 7.8, with a bit of grace towards at the start of the trail. We found the first mile or two to be pretty steady, with the true elevation gain on the back half (about the last mile). We found that once you crossed the majority of the river crossing, that is when that elevation gain began. That said, the steepness is nothing to write home about and completely doable. 

Most of the way you will find wooden planks guiding your way as it is a pretty muddy trail. We even laughed at how many times we crossed a river on this hike - so we would recommend trying this hike when it is dry. 

Once you reach the summit, you get some pretty great views of Lewey Lake and Indian Lake. This first stop would be a great place to take a rest and eat. The second stop is only about .2 - .3 away - and that is the fire tower. The tower itself is pretty sturdy, with chicken wire giving you a bit of comfort along the way. There is only one section of step without it - but just hold your breath if you need to. From there you can scout out the high peaks and just an overall great view.

The path down is the way you came, so no new news there - just watch your footing through the first mile. If you are me, you’ll have to watch your footing on the planks, too. I had a wipe out that could have been nasty if not for my perfectly coordinating slip straight back on my pack - saving me from any immediate damage. 

Overall - we think this is a great, manageable hike with beautiful views and a fire tower to boot.