Hike to Lake Skenonto in Harriman State Park


It was a beautiful day and we were heading to the Catskills for a good, solid hike. We were thruway bound where Tom suggested Harriman instead. You don’t have to twist my arm to head into Harriman, so a long detour later we ended up at a random trailhead. I originally pulled up the All Trails app, finding the tallest peak in Harriman (Hogencamp) - but as with all things Tom - he suggested exploring the trail across the street. He’s not much for following paths - he’d much rather wander.

So we did. This trail brought us to some real cool landscapes. Deep woods, rocky inclines and eventually a pretty inviting lake. While it’s hike-to, it definitely holds a crowd. We decided to stick to what looked like a camping spot a little bit away from where hikers gathered for lunch and a swim. We were even joined by a small pup who wanted to play with Bear.

Bear gave him about 10 seconds of his attention before he swam out to fetch. And so on and so forth. Just sitting here for some time and watching the pup and Tom play was exactly what we needed on a Sunday.

I used my favorite App, AllTrails, to mark where we went just in case you are interested in checking it out! Note that in AllTrails, the lake is non-exsistant, but it really is there! Just find the trail to Black Rock to Hogencamp Mountain and start directly across the street.