Hiking in Sam's Point Preserve


When we headed up to Sam’s Point Preserve, it was a super stormy day. We had just canceled our camping trip to VT due to torrential downpours in the area, but we still needed to get outside. We checked the weather and the Catskills area did have rain in the forecast, but certainly not as much. That was all we needed.

We decided to take the super long back road route up there for the sake of having enough time to do so. It was beautiful. There were so many farms on the foot of mountains that I had to get out and snap a few pics (which you will see one below). 

Once we got to Sam’s Point, it was still raining and pretty bad. We honestly had 0 plan but just got out of the car, put our rain gear on and starting walking down the first route we could see. This lead us to an area we had been before, but it was no matter. Just being outside was enough. 

As we got to the intersection to see Verkeerderkill falls, we decided to keep going straight to what appeared to be a lake a short distance ahead of us. We had seen the falls before, and we knew Bear was always up for a fetch.

The lake we happened upon was Lake Maratanza, and it was a gem. It was really stormy, so we didn't get a true picture of what the lake looked like, but the shoreline was rocky and the water was crystal clear and it couldn’t have been more picturesque. 

We hung out by the lake for quite sometime - fetching, taking pictures, hoping for the rain to pass. The latter didn’t happen, so we eventually decided to loop it back. The loop was convenient and simple - walking past old blueberry pickers cabins on the way. We were shocked we didn’t see a Bear trying for a snack.

Once we got back to the trailhead it occurred to me that we saw not one person on the trail. I guess that’s the benefits of braving the rain.