Finding the Ski Trail near Sebago Lake in Harriman



We're in the process of buying a house, so getting out the past month hasn't been as easy as we'd like. Between meetings, inspections, et al, we've been craving to get on the trail - but just haven't had the time. 

While we didn't have a free weekend to travel, we did have one day free this weekend - so we took advantage of it and headed up to Harriman - a cool 17min from our potential new digs

Finding the Ski Trail near Sebago Launch

This time, we tried a new route near the Sebago Launch. Heading up the blue trail, we turned to yellow and through our research saw a little "ski trail" on the map. Of course, we had to find it - so we did.

The Route

Once you get veer left of the "Buck Trail" (yellow)- you'll go about 1.1 miles until you reach a little cross over. Note that this is very hidden within the brush. We passed it once before the GPS told us we went too far. It's a little notch in the bushes, but at least in the winter you can vaguely see a path that connects you with the "Little Doe Trail". This is where it turns into a crag-only trail, so keep a look out. The LDT is a bit rough, but easy to navigate with GPS and a keen on on the crags. But then we finally saw it - the Ski Trail! But it was rather flat. We knew the elevation was poor from the map, but we were hoping for something a bit more playful.



That said, it was still worth the journey - and worth finding a trail a bit off the beaten path that we can explore a bit deeper next time. Note that can stay on the ski trail past the road to get right back to the Sebago launch

A quick map is below along with a few photos from the day!