Beyond the National Park


We have been on a mission for years to visit all the U.S. National Parks, and this is nothing new. From Zion to the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone, many across the country, and around the world, crave the magnificence of the National Parks. And so did we. We traveled across the country and spent days in these parks, hiking the trails and seeing the wildlife, but we also saw another thing - crowds of people. And they are certainly just like us, but sometimes it can get overwhelming.

It was at one of those times that we strayed off the path to head into a local state park and we were amazed by two things: stunning beauty and not a soul in sight. This is when we decided to always remember to map out detours on our route.

We kept this in mind recently during our trip to Utah. We went to see the Mighty 5 (we still have a goal to meet!), but we also made sure to take a few detours along the way. So indulge us as we show just how beautiful a non-national Park can be.

It has some pretty stellar sights

Lone Rock, Glen Canyon


And some amazing places to camp

Valley of Fire State Park


It has never-ending back roads to explore

Kodachrome Basin State Park

And some things you’ve never seen before

Monument Valley Tribal Park


They also have rock formations

Valley of Fire State Park


A lot of rock formations

Kodachrome Basin State Park


So don’t forget that there’s more to parklands than National Parks. So while you are crossing off your list. Add some on, too!