For the Love of the Road

Most people dread the road. They dread the miles, the wasted time, and the constant thought of “how much time has passed?”. We aren’t those type of people - but we used to be. We grew into it. We grew to love the road, its mystery, it’s quirks, and it’s journey. And now the road has become one of our favorite places.

When we travel, our goal is to never isolate in one place (although as we get older we kind of crave a bit of slow time). We try our best to plan routes to hit as much as we possibly can. Sometimes its short 2-3 hours between destinations, and sometimes (like our trip to Banff/Glacier) it is 2,500 miles of driving over a week. But the one thing we love about the road, is the changing landscapes. We love how you can go 5 miles and see something completely different than you just saw. We love how you have a constant opportunity to catch something new with weather, wildlife, and even people. And we love to document just that. In fact, if you look at our feed - the road is a consistent snap shot. So below we’re sharing our top moments from the road.

Rainbow greeting in big sky country (Montana)

Upon entering Montana we were pretty stoked to have our first experience in the big sky state, but we never expected this type of welcome. A rainbow and a stellar sunset, all within a few hours.

The road into the Grand Tetons

One of our favorites of all time, is the drive into Grand Teton National Park. There is something about these jagged peaks that steal our hearts overtime.


The road to Reine, Lofoten

If you haven’t seen Reine on Instagram, we suggest you look it up. And while Reine is beautiful in its entirety, there is nothing like pulling up to it for the first time. You’ll get this wonder anywhere in the Lofoten Islands, but it’s quite a site.

Reine Lofoten

The East entrance to Zion National Park

There are few drives as spectacular as the drive into the Zion valley. It is littered with massive rock formations that give you a taste of what you are about to see. It’s one of my favorite drives to date.


Wildlife in Canada

On our way (and into) Banff, we saw some spectacular wildlife just driving along. From a chance sighting of a bear crossing the road, to hanging with goats - literally in the road and seeing them “hanging” on the side of cliffs.

Backroads in VT

Is there anything more freeing that being alone on a dirt road with friends looking for a place to set up shop for the night? This feeling on the drive easily makes it one of our favorites.


Changing landscapes into Moab (from Bryce)

While seemingly never-ending, the road from Bryce to Moab led us through landscapes that seemed to change 1000 times. From desert, to literal martian land to snow-capped mountains - all within a half hour.

Valley of Fire

A traffic detour led us through this distinct valley. Maybe it was the fact that we expected a simple road or that it is literally stunning - but either way, it was one of our favorite drives


Just past the arctic circle, Norway

This road wasn’t that memorable in particular, but it was what was on the side of it that was. We had NEVER seen a moose in real life, and while jokingly looking for them along the drive we spotted two. It was one of the most memorable moments of our lives from that point.

moose Norway

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park

When we went to Glacier in June, we were sad to learn that this road was closed. However, just as we were driving to the airport it opened. So we went to the top. It was late June, and they had just dug through 60inches of snow at some parts of the road. And they weren’t kidding.

Going to the Sun Road

The night sky in Zion National Park

We tend to get up real early on trips. We’re talking like 4am. And in this case, we drove through the Zion valley when the stars were literally beaming. We stopped on the side of the road, shut the lights off, and just watched. “Shooting stars” were passing by at a rate of 3 every 15 seconds, and wow.