Finding Work Life Balance

People always ask us, “do you even work?”. It’s probably one of the most asked questions of us when we run into people on the street. From family, to friends, to followers -  they assume we freelance or have no jobs at all. But that couldn’t be father from the truth (hello mortgage). Both Tom and I hold full time, 9-5 jobs that are quite demanding. Tom is a bio-mechanical engineer and I am a marketing strategist.  We both work in the office, have the typical PTO, and conquer back-to-back meetings. But there are a few things that we do religiously that allow us to fit in all that we do and hint: it’s all about your mindset. But we’ll start with the big one: 


Life is so much more than work - and that is OK.

This is my mantra I will stand by it to the end. Although I have put a ton of investment into my career and am super passionate about what I do - I am even more passionate about what I do when I leave the four walls of my office. In fact, my desk at work is quite literally a shrine to the outdoors as I try to bring it into every aspect of my day. But the key is letting go of the guilt - and that can be tough. I have run into so many people in my work life that are wild about their job - staying late every night and reading up on the latest industry trends all weekend long. And thats OK because that is what they love, but it’s not for me. In fact - I find my work to be at my best when I’m refreshed by the outdoors on my own time. The end result is no different on either sides - it’s just the rhythm you go by. And not letting others make you feel guilty about that rhythm is simply freeing. And sometimes taking a step away can inspire you more than you know.



You don’t need a big trip to get away.

We are really keen on taking advantage of every single moment we have when we go away. Instead of thinking vacations are centered around a week-off, we make every weekend a min-vacation in itself. Leaving immediately after work, and spending our time in the woods deep into Sunday. Taking 0 days off, but still getting away. Sure it takes the love of the road and a little early rising - but reframing the way you think about vacation makes it that much more easy to maximize your time away.

But this doesn’t just apply to weekend trips, it also applies to the big ones too. We tend squish trips into long weekends as much as possible so we can absorb as much as we can into the days we have off. Sure you don’t get to linger in places you love as long, but you get to see so much more - and that’s what we love.


Just because it’s a week day, doesn’t mean it’s a waste.

There are so many times we both come home from work mentally spent. Whether it was a long day, or just a intense one, it takes a lot to think about anything other than sitting on the couch with a glass of wine. But those are the days when you need to disconnect the most - so those are they days we push ourselves out of the house. We are lucky enough to live in the “woods”, so it’s quite easy to go up the block to the lake or on a hike - but even just taking a walk or discovering something new in your neighborhood can fulfill that need to disconnect. These experiences will add up - and allow you to immediately make your day better.


All in all, it’s all about your mindset. Everyday can be an opportunity to take advantage of the things you love to do. So get out and do it! You’ll be happy you did.