How hiking changes the brain - in so many ways!


Tom and I actually have real jobs, that’s right! Although much of our content is from days off or after-work adventures, we have a lot of passion for what we do during our 9-5. I work as a Director of Strategy at an ad agency, and I focus most of my timing researching and analyzing insights to support creative campaigns. However, one big passion of mine is using neuroscience-based insights to better understand theories of creativity.

Within this, there is nothing better than digging into the science and finding multiple sources show one thing is truly proven to boost creativity – time outside! Literally two of my favorite things in one setting. But more than just boosting creativity, time outside (including hiking) literally changes your brain.

While my favorite study is from Strayer and focuses on improving creative reasoning through immersion in natural settings, I wanted to share an article from Conde Nast Traveler that I couldn’t summarize better myself. Within it, they talk about how hiking can help you do three main things:

· Solve problems

· Forget less

· Cut the negativity

So take some time to check it out, then get outside!