Kayaking at Wawayanda Lake in NJ


Sundays are for kayaking, especially when the weather is sunny, the humidity is low, and you have a pup with a 1000 volts of energy that needs to get released.

Normally we would head to Monksville, but we were curious to try a new lake in the area - which lead us to Wawayanda. We packed up the truck (our very NEW truck) to test out carrying the yaks in the back, and headed towards the lake. 

We made it just around 2, and did have to pay to get in ($10 for NJ residents) - so if you aren't looking for a pay for play - this isn't your spot. It's also pretty crowded with beach goers, but if you go to the boat launch area, you'll find a little relief. The best part? The truck did perfectly carrying the yaks - and at that time - that is really all we cared about.

Once we got on the water, it was generally quiet. We tried to make a loop around and go to a quieter spot on the lake, but Bear wasn't having it. Shifting and tilting Tom's kayak to a point where it wasn't feasible to keep going. Note: We always pup the pup in the back of the kayak, but we found keeping him between Tom's legs is a heck of a lot easier.

Just in time we found a non Lilly padful spot to dock the yaks and set up shop. We docked, opened a few beers (secretly, as you can't have alcohol in the park) and found a few sticks for fetch. We should note that across the lake there are a lot of coves, rocky islands, and unique areas - so if you don't have a wild pup who is anti-kayak, you may find some great spots.

Bear must have fetched about 40 times, jumping in, and out, and frightening kayakers floating by (they thought he was coming for them). We caught as much sun as we could, and packed up shop and headed back to shore. 

Upon docking, we noticed it got a little more crowded on shore, so that was our cue to exit. We loaded the kayaks (so much easier in the Tacoma than the 4runner) and headed out. 

Overall, it's a nice place - but if you want a little serenity - it's not the place for you.