Our trip to Trondheim came after our stay in Geirangerfjord. On our way out, we went through a town to get to the ferry. We swore we saw not 1 person in that town. In fact, that was pretty similar to most non-cities we drove through in Norway. We have no idea why.

One ferry and a hefty 6 1/2 hour drive on E9 later, we ended up in the city of Trondheim. I have never been to Bergen, but it looked very similar. The colorful houses lined the river - and it was difficult to stop ourselves from taking pictures of the lineup.

We stayed in the Bakklandet area, and since we were mostly on foot, we stayed close to that area. I highly recommend it. Cozy, older, small clusters of restaurants.

We only had the late afternoon and the next morning to check out the city - so we made an agenda. On our way in, we spotted an old structure on a hill, so we immediately walked towards it. 

Once we reached it, we realized it was a fort. Fort Kristiansten to be exact. It was interesting to explore - and had a great view. 

We then headed towards an old church - Nidaros Cathedral. This historic place was spectacular. From the outside it was stunning, intricate carvings and just so massive. From the inside it was just as stunning. We opted to take a tour and felt so taken by the history we couldn't have been happier to stumble upon it. Years later during the holidays we would see a choir singing from that church on TV and it was such a thrill to see.

After this we walked around a bit - got a beer, and then sat down in what felt like a young, "hip" area to grab a bite to eat. It was nice to be in the city life for one night - people watching, having a cocktail. 

The next morning we were out - heading north - but always remembering how much we favored this city. We would certainly recommend this city to anyone passing through.