Zion was an intersting trip for us- mostly because it wasn't on the schedule. We just left Antelope Canyon and decided that 4 hours was far too close to not make a visit.

We jumped in the car and made our way. The drive was beautiful - heading into Utah and passing through some spectacular landscapes. But nothing matched seeing Zion from afar. It looked like a small garden of giants - high peaks, green among a landscape of dusty red rock.

Pulling into the park was a sight in itself. The rock formations were so interesting and strange. Almost moon-like. Before hitting the bridge, we took a quick hike that allowed us to see the view of the entire park. It was a bit taxing on the nerves because of steep bridges and ledges - but we made it. The view was incredible, and for such a short hike, is absolutely worth it on your way in.

After the hike we only had about an hour until we had to leave, so we drove into the valley of Zion and took a look around. It was so lush, so dramatic. We wished we had more time, but as a storm started moving in, we called it a day.

As we left the park, we stopped as we spotted some mountain goat and to walk up some of the rock formations for last minute views. But we had to keep moving to get as much light driving as possible.

Just as we left, we stumbled upon a Bison farm (Zion Mountain Ranch) and stopped for an appetizer and a drink. It was a great spot, and empty since it was only about 4pm. We met the owners, their massive dog (who while is apparently a bad bison herder, is very cute) and learned a bit about the farm. 

Then we were off, heading back to Page, AZ. The one thing I wanted to mention about this drive is when done at night, it is equally scary and magical. After you pass the north rim and enter the more flat lands of AZ it is as if no one exists but you. Empty roads, no lights for days. It's worth the experience.

Our favorite part? A very small town called Cliff Dwellers. It had a crazy backstory that you can read about here. When passing in the middle of the night - it's even cooler.

EDIT: We went there again and added new photos! Enjoy.